Passed Through a Hot Kitchen by a Slow Butler

by Woozy

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released October 7, 2012

Lovingly recorded and mixed by Ross Farbe (



all rights reserved


Woozy New Orleans, Louisiana

Woozy is a 3-piece experimental "rock band" from New Orleans, LA. Their music focuses on intricate instrumentation and bold dynamic shifts to subvert their naturally poppy melodic tendencies. Walls of guitar feedback and fuzz interspersed with fingerpicked flourishes help turn "overthinking what you said to the barista while you were looking for change" into an art form. ... more

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Track Name: Negative Headspace & the Endless Day's Daze
seething behind my eyes is a life beyond sight
a marvelous mess, but a mess, nonetheless
geometry, where part of me wants parts of you as parts of me

i've had my fill
of keeping up with your old talk
you've given up on
what you thought could affect you
you want love only
when you think it's convenient

you've got no one to blame
laugh it off, it's the same
you had everything you could want
but it's gone

this distant but existent silence sends me reeling over being real
and what fresh hell this is, but i guess it's better bad than worse than

given, you'd be
gone before this was over
you're wrapped up in time
just as long as it gives back
you'll be alone
with your ghosts and your ego

what no one knows is

i feel congealed
too much of the time to try
Track Name: Spiderland
spiders build webs in my head
what used to be flesh is now thread
it's empty instead

fading because of the dream
splitting apart at the seams
spitting up everything

cavernous subconscious rot
oh the insatiable dust
it's empty of thought

baptized in wine and regret
the circumstance screams 'not yet'
it's a material death
Track Name: Constance
all night
you were drowning in Constance
while you were gone, i
learned to live without kindness

being away i need
but being not one to leave
forces us to keep the peace
and talk about anything

but what's going on

golden glow
it covers your shoulders low
and i am not old enough
to mean what i say

a word could be all you need
to talk about anything
and i am not young enough
to keep being honest
Track Name: Artifacts
i wonder if you realize
you could be mine
only if you said so
i think that it would be so
you'd be alright

i'd give it all to be your

i knew it from the get-go
that you would take your sweet time
i thought anything would be alright
but nothing was just fine

your thoughts are a neon sign
fueled by uncertainty
i thought maybe you're above me
but honey you're just lazy

you said it's not that easy
to tell yourself that only god
could know exactly what you want

you said it can't be worth it
to show yourself as not enough
you know exactly what you want

it's just an Artifact from where
you thought you'd be by now
attracting dust
you're clutching your hand to your breast now
in spite of everything you've learned to
put yourself through

he'd come undone
capsizing on the way out
of his small town

i see you waiting
i can't stop waiting
but i'm bone dry
i'm so tired