The Sun Let Its Hair Down

by Woozy

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released March 19, 2013

heroically recorded and mixed by Joshua Campbell spring 2013



all rights reserved


Woozy New Orleans, Louisiana

Woozy is a 3-piece experimental "rock band" from New Orleans, LA. Their music focuses on intricate instrumentation and bold dynamic shifts to subvert their naturally poppy melodic tendencies. Walls of guitar feedback and fuzz interspersed with fingerpicked flourishes help turn "overthinking what you said to the barista while you were looking for change" into an art form. ... more

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Track Name: Little Ghost
little ghost your only hope to try and win them over
is put yourself out in the yard
you could be alone some time so try and keep it sober
and go your own route to be gone
stay awake in your cave, designate, abstain
stay away from disgrace, cloistered boy with the silver face
Track Name: Let It Sink
I know where your mind’s at and you ought to be ashamed
and we talked all about how your heart’s in a drought
and we talked all about how you noticed you were lonely
think that I wouldn’t be your only
we were playing a game called “don’t let anybody know what it is that you want”
standing frozen in the snow when you used to be beautiful
everything is the same, it’s just like it’s always been, everything was arranged
just for your benefit, now that you’re unbearable
you keep your dirtiness all above the rest, let it sink, O let it sink
you could graduate from knowing
all the thoughts you should have said
though you’d rather be outgoing
you’re still sleeping in my bed
stay awake, stay awake with me
it’s just like ripping off a scab and letting it bleed
Track Name: Diving Bell
you’ve been diving in shallows
out of breath, afraid of talking
you’ve been hiding in your house
to prove your point, and keep them wanting
I know, I know, you wouldn’t move on
you couldn’t show off
I won’t, I won’t, I couldn’t move on
I wouldn’t move on without
you’ve been gone, why you keep holding on?
with your arms wrapped around the world you’d try not to get lost
come find out why you’ve got nothing left
in your dress that you bought last weekend you could look like a real sport
dig down deep into your overcoat
and try to be with your people but you wouldn’t even talk
come find out why you’ve got no one to blame
you could try, you try your hardest, I know it can get so hard
I know, I know, you broke your arms trying too hard to hold tight
Track Name: Matt
no you won’t complicate, keep your heart in reserve
while you’re frozen in hate for your own self-concern
confident you’d be growing up, or over this by now
you would only belong
it’s gonna be
pissing away your last money to eat on a couple of drinks
now you’re throwing up on the kitchen floor
you’d been away, throwing your life out
i’m keeping up with all your friends
humiliate, spitting your words out
drowning us both in petty talk
it’s been too long, the moment has passed now
i’ve had enough of all your shit